Schools outreach

Bristol Choral Society actively encourages local children to experience choral singing, both as singers and listeners. In addition to the Apprenticeship Scheme for teenagers, the choir has an active outreach programme working with primary schools.

Currently the choir is a partner organisation in Bristol Sings Music, the singing strategy for Bristol. On 13 and 14 March 2018 we performed  Alexander L’Estrange’s Zimbe! at Orchard School in collaboration with Bristol Plays Music, Orchard School Bristol and children from nine local Primary Schools. 300 children were involved over the 2 night alongside a Jazz Quintet from Bristol Plays Music and over 60 members of the Choral Society.

Zimbe! is a sequence of choral arrangements of traditional songs from all over Africa in a jazz style. This is a work which forges links between adult choirs and massed children’s choirs, placing singing at the heart of the community as it always has been in Africa. It is at times touching and moving, at other times funky and grooving and all of the time incredibly uplifting both for performers and audiences alike.

The performances were very uplifting as promised and it was wonderful to see so many children and parents enjoying the evening.

Bristol Choral Society has recently completed a 3 year programme of outreach work in some of Bristol’s primary schools. The choir secured funding from charitable foundations that enabled outreach activities in some 20 primary schools (often culminating in a shared concert with Bristol Choral Society and professional musicians in Bristol’s premier concert hall), commissioned new works for adults and children’s choirs and paid for singing teachers/choir leaders to work with classes of children.

In collaboration with Bristol Sings Music and Orchard School, the choir organised a concert in March 2016 when children from more than 10 Bristol schools joined with Bristol Choral Society and the Call Me Al Quintet in a performance at the Colston Hall of Ahoy! by Alexander L’Estrange.


Prior to the school closures in March we had planned a performance of Ahoy! by Alexander L’Estrange which involved primary and secondary school students across North and South Bristol. Unfortunately this was unable to go ahead. We are hoping to continue with these outreach projects when we are able to in the future.

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For more information please contact our education and outreach coordinator Caro Barrett by selecting the ‘Schools/education’ option of our contact form.