Photo: Oliver Edwards

There are three different types of auditions, Prospective New Member (PNM), Existing Member (EM) and Concert Specific Audition (CSA).

A PNM audition lasts about 10 minutes and consists of four parts:

  • Some scales/arpeggios so that the musical director can determine a singer’s range
  • Some sight reading
  • An aural test (usually a singer is asked to sing the middle note of three)
  • A prepared piece

A singer tells the Choir Manager that they wish to audition after they have rehearsed with the Choir two or three times. The Choir Manager will liaise with the Auditions Manager who will organise the auditions schedules and communicate by email with those involved.

An EM audition is effectively a re-audition. Once a singer has passed their PNM audition they must re-audition at least every three years to be eligible to continue singing with the Choir. Singers audition with their voice parts, altos one year, sopranos the next, then tenors and basses. The EM audition lasts for about six minutes and consists of two parts:

  • Some scales/arpeggios
  • A prepared piece

A CSA is for those singers who have missed too many rehearsals to be eligible to sing in a concert but who wish to perform. These singers must satisfy the auditioner that they know the work sufficiently well to be able to participate. At a CSA, the auditioner will open any page of the work(s) to be performed, start playing the piano and invite the singer to join in. A CSA will last for about three minutes.

Only the musical director and an accompanist are with a singer at their audition.

Dates of auditions will be posted here throughout the year.

Altos will audition in 2019-20, Sopranos in 2020-21, Tenors and Basses in 2021-22. The first set of Alto re-auditions will be on 30 November 2019.