Mini Messiah reviews

The Mini Messiah performance at Redmaids School on 21st December 2019 was, as usual, a fabulous experience for performers and audience alike. One new (adult) audience member who brought a baby along commented that it was amazing how the performers maintained a professional standard of singing and playing, while the audience (mostly between the ages of 6 months – 6 years) descended into total mayhem! There was dancing in the aisles as Charlotte Richardson, the soprano soloist, sang: ‘Rejoice, Rejoice Greatly’, and many of the younger listeners joined in with several numbers.

Here are some reviews from audience members, all under the age of 10:

It was really good. But I’ve got hiccups.

I think it was loud.

I liked the grannies singing (and the granddads!)

One critical commentator said: ‘I do like sheep, and they didn’t sing the one about sheep’.

But the person who impressed them most was Hilary Campbell, our conductor, who engaged the audience throughout.

She received this accolade from a younger audience member:
I loved it – I liked the conductor best. Now I want to be a conductor when I grow up… or a builder or an astronaut.