Leipzig Tour

To end our season around 60 members of the choir, with some additional assistance from Chiswick Choral Society, travelled out to Leipzig for a very enjoyable few days. We performed two concerts of English and American music, the first in St Nikolaikirche, Bad Düben, as part of their music festival, and the second in the Michaeliskirche, Leipzig. There were a few interesting challenges, particularly with sight lines, which meant that Hilary spent quite a bit of the concert in Bad Düben up in the organ loft!

We were very lucky to have a wonderful soloist in Lucy de Butts and to be joined again by Ben Lewis-Smith, a brilliant organist. We received a very warm welcome and both audiences were very appreciative, particularly as this was music that was unfamiliar to them.

We also had the opportunity to spend some time relaxing and many of us enjoyed visiting the Bach Museum and church and Mendelssohn’s house. Leipzig is described as a city of music and it did seem that you could turn a corner and come across all sorts of different buskers and music at any point.

Some travelled further afield to Dresden and a small group to Colditz, of course there was always the opportunity to catch up with everyone in the bar in the evenings! Once again the weekend was topped off with the whole choir getting together and enjoying some end of tour drinks and community singing late into the night! Another memorable tour and huge thanks go to everyone who made it happen, in particular Sarah Fernandes.

A member of the audience who travelled to Leipzig for our concert said…

The concert by the Choral Society of Bristol on July 14th in Leipzig was immensely enjoyable. The variety of 20th century British church music is rarely heard in German churches, and so the concert introduced new perspectives and attitudes. The singers had the chance to present their musical skills and enthusiasm by cheerfully performing such powerful music. The intensity of the sounds alternated between hard and high-pitched and soft and mild. It was a fantastic experience to hear what music can be, and what musicians are able to create.