Comments from audience and soloists on Farewell to Arms concert, 27th October 2018

“It was all very good, but Dona Nobis Pacem was something special, as you could probably tell from the long silence at the end when no-one wanted to be the first to break the spell.”


“The Dona Nobis was a revelation!  Never heard of it, a wonderful work, and a magnificent performance: the pace and feeling of forward movement was perfectly judged, and all the expressive details (choral and orchestral) beautifully managed and integrated into the forward sweep of the music.”


“My wife and i were bowled over by last night’s concert, one of the best I’ve heard (or sung in).  The Dona Nobis was a magnificent performance of a great work that was new to us.”


“The choir’s intonation in this piece was to my ears perfect, the sound was velvety and beautiful (helped by the cathedral acoustics of course) and they sang their hearts out!”


“I feel very privileged to have been able to take part in such a moving event last night. I had not previously fully appreciated the drama of the orchestral setting and I thought the choir responded with even more intensity than in rehearsals.”