Our trip to Lisbon

What a wonderful time had by all in Portugal! For those who were new to Lisbon, we were greeted with a city more vast, grand and beautiful than certainly I had expected. We were all warmed by the hospitality, humour and charm of our Portuguese hosts, and were lucky enough to find plenty of time for sightseeing and exploring, and sampling of some delicious food – an abundance of converts to Portuguese custard tarts, and some less familiar delicacies (octopus anyone?).

And of course not forgetting the memorable experience of performing such sacred (and stunning) music in such sacred venues. The choir felt strengthened by the many opportunities we had to meet and get to know new faces, including a few from beyond the usual BCS fold.

Our soloists were superb, including one of our own in Matt Ventom. The audiences were warm, receptive and engaged, if a little more ‘fluid’ than we tend to be used to! It was all spectacularly topped off with late night choral karaoke in the hotel bar until the early hours, certainly a moment that will live long in all our memories – as will the entire tour! An enormous thanks to all involved in helping to make it happen!

— Ben Brodie, Tenor

Photos by John Wilson