The Mass in Blue Come and Sing

This was a great day with over 150 of us gathered to spend a few hours tackling Will Todd’s Mass in Blue. Bristol Choral Society members were joined by many other local singers as well as visitors from Bath, Southampton, Plymouth, lots from the Gloucester area, Somerset, Wiltshire, Dorset and the furthest afield – from the Isle of Man.

We were being led by Hilary Campbell, the choral society’s musical director accompanied by our brilliant pianist, Steven Kings and were delighted to welcome Vanessa Bowers to sing the soprano solo parts – a treat in waiting for us all.

After a great warm up and one of Hilary’s typically complicated but hilarious rounds, to get us in to the swing mood, a show of hands revealed that less than a dozen people had sung this work before. So challenge on!

It was amazing – from the first run through of each piece where many of us were confounded by trying to fit latin mass words to syncopated rhythms – we managed to make sense of it relatively quickly, with Hilary’s help.

Our performance, to ourselves, at 3.30pm was amazing! Vanessa’s solos showed us just how Blues should sound and Steve’s versatility on the piano never ceases to amaze.

Thanks for a great day Hilary – and thanks also to Sarah Fernandes and her team who make it all happen.

PS And we all sang Happy Birthday to John, with great harmonies.